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SEO Code of Ethics

FUEL Web Media uses only ethical SEO methods that lead to lasting results.

Fact: If you use a website promotion tool that uses unethical tricks and techniques, you’ll put your web business at severe risk.

The SEO Code of Ethics and it’s process comes from principles that enhance webiste usability and that help the search engines find and rank the sites appropriately. Legitimate SEO’s recognize and adhere to this and strive to build functional, content optimized sites that benefit the human end user. This type of legitimate optimization goes hand-in-hand with good design. content and usability.

Unfortunately, some so-called SEO experts have abused the tools of optimization through spam and other practices destructive to search engine functionality, disruptive of basic website usability and negligent of the future of the Internet community.

The best websites are websites that are ones that benefit the end user and are prominent in search engine results. It is the job of all true optimizers, therefore, to create solid user- and search-engine-friendly sites that help produce quality search engine results and reflect well on all members of the SEO community.

The Fuel Web Media SEO Code of Ethics:

  • Our business operations adheres to all laws and regulations set forth by the agency(ies) of the United States and International Governments for business, cyber and internet regulation.
  • We treat each and every client as if we are consulting our own brand and the brands of our own team members.
  • We never put our clients business or brand reputation at risk when working to improve the clients rating by finding disreputable or “black hat” methods.
  • We adhere to the conventions as specified by the various search engines and directories we use.
  • We act in good faith when consulting and giving direction to our clients, first and foremost committed to the well-being of their firm, and in line with their organizational objectives.
  • We maintain complete confidentiality about our clients and their information as it relates to their business operations and their SEO results.
  • We adhere to a “non-competition” clause in that we will not contract with competing firms within the same geographic industry.
  • We never practice dishonorable means of achieving a higher search engine rating including using linkfarms, hidden links and text, copied content, unauthorized software, doorway pages, or plagiarism.

Following the SEO code of ethics, we at Fuel Web Media can proudly say that none of our clients have ever been:

  • Banned or penalized by Google or any other search engine
  • Been accused of using unethical practices to achieve higher page ratings
  • Considered a dishonorable company or organization because of information our clients have published on their website

Fact: Search engines want to find the websites that offer the most value to web surfers. Our tools help you to build such a website.

We at Fuel Web Media conduct business and search engine marketing by this SEO code of ethics. We respect other optimization companies that do the same and welcome the competition. Although rivalry in our industry is often fierce, we believe that only by working together with our business colleagues are we able to best benefit our clients, search engines and our industry. We invite any companies or individuals who also believe in the SEO code of ethics to post this document on their website.